August 2016

An update from the FoH in a month which saw the start of the 2016/17 campaign and another important milestone reached in the Tynecastle Redevelopment project.

Tynecastle Redevelopment Update

Another milestone was reached in the Tynecastle Redevelopment this month with the club formally submitting their planning application to the City of Edinburgh Council. This follows on from the public consultation that has been carried out in recent months. The Club is still hoping to achieve its target date of end of October, 2016 for achieving full planning approval.  Additionally, work is now well under way to create the new temporary facilities under the Wheatfield stand, which are on schedule to be available by the end of October.

In line with our members’ decision to assist with the funding of the stadium redevelopment, we are delighted to report that we have already remitted £500k to the club towards the project costs.  While the modification to the original FoH/Bidco agreement is being put together these funds are ring-fenced in a separate club account and will only be utilised when the revision to the FOH/Bidco agreement is finalised.  This will be well before the club actually needs to access the funds.



FoH Young Ambassador

In previous blogs we have highlighted the story of the Morrison family and the commitment of young Daniel Morrison to the FoH cause. Having met Daniel on several occasions over the last few months the Board were moved by his unstinting love for all things HMFC. In August we were delighted to announce that Daniel has accepted our invitation to become our first ever FoH Young Ambassador.

Daniel made headlines last year when he donated an incredible £900 to the Foundation after earning pocket-money carrying out household chores, and his fund-raising efforts have continued unabated. Daniel’s pledges have also been matched by his dad Alan. Their selfless fund-raising drive epitomises the collective spirit demonstrated by all the supporters who helped save our club in its time of need and we’re immensely proud to be able to call him one of our own.

The 14-year-old was an outstanding candidate to be our first Young Ambassador but the Foundation are keen to recognise other young fans and more ambassadorial roles will be made available in the coming months.

A thrilled Daniel said: “It’s a great achievement and it allows me to help promote the Foundation of Hearts and help the club. Hearts are the love of my life, really.

“It’s definitely a honour. I was stunned when (FoH chairman) Brian Cormack asked me to do it, but I was obviously very happy about it. It’s an amazing feeling.

“It’s great being more involved with the club. From fund-raising and being at a plot ceremony, I’ve got to know Jack Hamilton and he gave me a pair of his gloves.”

Dad Alan added: “I’m very proud. I got the e-mail from Brian and I let his mother see it, and she was over the moon about the offer.

“I’ve brought Daniel up as a Hearts fan and you do what you have to do for the club.”

Foundation of Hearts chairman Brian Cormack commented: “We are thrilled Daniel has taken up the invitation to become the first Foundation of Hearts Young Ambassador.

“The unstinting support offered by both Daniel and Alan reinforces why we have such an exceptional and unique fan base.

“Although Daniel has attracted media interest with his staggering fund-raising efforts, everyone at the Foundation and the club appreciates every single donation and pledge made by you, regardless of its size.

“There will also be more opportunities for our young fans to become Ambassadors in the future.”

We hope that Daniel is the first of many FoH Young Ambassadors. We never cease to be amazed by the passion and enthusiasm of our young supporters and know that there are many out there just like Daniel carrying the FoH cause. If you are interested in joining Daniel to become an FoH Young Ambassador or want to nominate someone, please do get in touch and share your story.



FoH Young Ambassador Daniel Morrison
pictured here with his Dad Alan
and FoH Chairman Brian Cormack

Match day stall

After a short summer break Football is back at Tynecastle. We will be resuming our match day drop in stand in the reception at McLeod Street. All fans and pledgers are welcome to drop in and ask anything of the Board. We are at your disposal from 1.30 right up until kick off.

If you have any questions or comments on this month’s blog please feel free to leave them below or direct them to


7 thoughts on “August 2016”

  1. Thanks all for your comments on this month’s blog. To address a few specific questions:

    @Stewart – thanks for raising this. I have no remit over Club kickoff times so to ensure you get a response from the right person please email with your query.

    @David – thanks for your question and your fantastic support. We are working through a backlog of people who have reached this limit at he moment having been somewhat restricted until we had a confirmed fixture list. We will be in touch as soon as your date is confirmed.

  2. Congratulations to young Daniel and his Dad! A well deserved accolade.
    Like Tom and Derek I have lived away from Edinburgh for a very long time (almost 40 years) but I am still as passionate about the Club as I became when I first saw the Terrible Trio as a lad! I am currently on holiday in France and as part of that am planning a visit to the War Memorial at Contalmaison. We can be so proud of our Club’s unique history.HHGH indeed!

  3. hi. on 24th june . received an e.mail from yourselves congratulating me on attaining 1000 points and that you would be in touch soon. Have not heard anything since.

  4. hi.just to say that ,i got an e.mail on 24th june congratulating me that i had 1000 points. we will be in touch soon. never heard anything since.

  5. May I also offer the Morrison family my congratulations on their efforts on behalf of our club. I have resided in Australia for over 40 years and fondly remember my dad lifting me over the turnstiles in the mid 40’s and still have the same passion for the Jambo’s. It’s great to see that our young supporters offer the same passion. Well done young Daniel.

  6. Congratulations to young Daniel Morrison and his father, a truly commendable gesture. I saw my first Hearts game in 1947 when I was 5 years old and although I live in England now, my thoughts are never far from Tynecastle, where I also went to school ’54, ’55 and ’56 – Happy days !
    Regards and best wishes from me and all my family, Derek Boyle.


  7. Saturday’s match against Inverness was great, but one thing which bugs me is the timing of kick-off. When the tv cameras are there we seem to kick off on time, but otherwise we regularly seem to be two or three minutes late. This of course feeds through to a later finish time.
    Can we get back to advertised kick-off times please?

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