July 2016

An update from the Foundation of Hearts for the month of July.

Help us spread the FoH message

We have been working on a new initiative called ‘Pledge Pals’ which will reward existing pledgers for introducing members to our ranks. The scheme will be launched soon after the start of the season and will reward pledgers who introduce new members, with the chance to win a range of Hearts-related prizes. The more new members you introduce, the greater your chance of winning.

Now is the time to get out there and start helping us to spread the FoH message! Watch out for further details coming very soon.


Financial update

Pledge numbers continued to increase in June hitting 8,083 which is the highest level since we introduced our Fan Reward scheme in June 2015. We attribute the increase in part to the impact of the Thanking the Fans Days held on the last day of the season which saw FoH representatives posted around Tynecastle before kickoff. We plan to have a similar presence on match days during the coming season.


Following the result of the Stadium Funding vote last month, we made our first contributions toward funding of the new main stand at Tynecastle; another huge milestone in our journey.

Plot ceremonies

As mentioned last month, a number of you have now reached the 1,000 points required to qualify for an invitation to a Foundation of Hearts plot ceremony. We now have dates confirmed for the next two ceremonies as Sunday 21st August and Sunday 11th September (TV schedules permitting).

As a reminder, members will be invited in the order in which they achieve the required level of points. If you fail to respond to two invites, we will assume you do not wish to attend.

As ever, we are very grateful for your patience on this front. It’s a tribute to the many supporters who have signed up to the Foundation that we have a long list of people to receive invitations. We will get through the list and we look forward to welcoming new plotholders to the ceremonies over the coming months.



Bowled over

We’ve had FoH strips, badges and T-shirts but July saw a real first when pledger Dougie Mackie asked a company in Australia to create his very own FoH bowls (pictured below).

Dougie said “I saw you could design your own emblem so sent them the FoH badge. I had a shot of them last night…played great with them, possibly because I’m in the honeymoon period!”

Long may his winning streak continue! We think they are a work of art!


Big Hearts Supporter Blog

In previous blogs we have highlighted the Big Hearts Supporter initiative through which more than 700 Hearts fans have signed up to volunteer in the Edinburgh community. The first of these supporters have already made a huge difference and you can follow the experience of volunteer Harry Bell in the Big Hearts blog here. If his story inspires you, visit the Big Hearts website for details of how to be part of it.

If you have any questions or comments on this month’s blog please feel free to leave them below or direct them to info@foundationofhearts.org. Any questions regarding the Stadium Funding proposal should be addressed to info@foundationofhearts.org

25 thoughts on “July 2016”

  1. Hi John

    Other dates will be announced in due course. Great to hear you are attending the game in September. We will be hosting our match day stand on McLeod St. If you are in the area before kickoff, please do drop in.


  2. Hi,
    Not possible to make these dates I live in Dorset, will there be other dates, in Edinburgh 24th September bringing my three sons to the game.
    Kind regards

  3. how do you reach the 1000points to qualify for the award. I have been donating £20 per month by standing order since October 2013.

    stewart laurie.

  4. Tom/David – Can you email us at info@foundationofhearts.org with your full name and we can look into these issues for you?

    David – my colleague Garry is currently organising the plot ceremonies so it may have been him that you emailed?


  5. Barry, I have just returned from holiday to find that my Paypal payments made from Australia have been suspended and I have no idea why. Efforts to make contact by email to rectify the matter has so far failed. Like fellow supporters I am in it for the long run so would appreciate assistance to restore the status quo.

  6. Barry
    Could please tell me if you received my email accepting my
    confirming plot ceremony on the 21st august.
    It looks like i have sent to someone else.
    thanks David

  7. When I first started pledging back in 2014 I did so on the understanding that it would be a long term commitment, probably for life, I have altered that commitment.

  8. Ron and Jim – thanks for your comments this month and your continued support of the Foundation.

    Jim – when I view the blog it has a white background. One suggestion might be to copy the text into a blank word document? Failing that, if you email me at barry@foundationofhearts.org I would be happy to send you an email version which should be more visible for you.


  9. Hi can you please make the background white for future bogs as black on maroon is really difficult to read and being a technophobe I don’t have a clue how to change the colour myself. Thanks

  10. Great to see Foundatiom membership growing again.
    I believe most members see this as a very long term commitment.
    Almost miraculously, we got our club back, when it looked like all might be lost.
    No Hearts supporter wants to get into that position ever again. The contributions from Foundation members can help to ensure it never happens.
    For me – and I know many others – this is a lifetime commitment. Hearts have been very important in my life and I will always want to give the club any support that I am able to, on and off the pitch.

  11. @ FoH Barry. Thanks for the detailed response, which is reassuring.

    One small point from my reading of the original agreement, FoH payments are due on the 20th of each month (ref para 5.4). These payments should reflect contributions taken by Direct Debit or other sources during the collection period at the start of each month.

  12. Thanks all for the comments. Responses in turn below.

    Raymond – I believe Brian has now been in touch with you regarding this via email. Let me know if you did not receive it.

    Chris/Justin – we are working through a backlog with the plot ceremonies. Fixture confirmation has been the main blocker but we now have the next two dates agreed. You will be contacted with an invite in due course. If you have been waiting a while now can you email info@foundationofhearts.org and we can look into where you are on the list and advise when you might expect an invite. Justin – if you work abroad or can’t make the ceremony we can make alternative arrangements for you to receive your certificate if you email us with the details.

    David – I can confirm that this is still planned. We are working with the club to get a mutually agreeable date which we will share as soon as we have it.

    Eric – I could have been clearer in my response, apologies. The Foundation and Bidco are working to finalise the formal legal documentation. This process will be completed (and details published) as soon as practicable, but care is required to ensure that any technical accounting or tax issues at Club, Bidco or Foundation level are addressed. Pending completion of that process, monthly contributions are being paid to the Club (the funding proposal was approved by pledgers on 27 May, and the next payment under the funding agreement was due on 1 June). These contributions are earmarked as the first stadium funding contributions from the Foundation, but the Club is keeping the funds to one side as a separate reserve, and none of the funds can be utilised until such time as the documentation is completed (and, of course, the stadium redevelopment work commences).

    As indicated at the open meeting, the Foundation will not incur any legal fees in connection with putting the formal documentation in place.

    I think its important to emphasise that, although the formal documentation has not yet been concluded, the funding arrangements have been approved by the boards of the Foundation, Bidco and the Club, and all parties are fully committed to their implementation.

  13. Re – 1000pts plot ceremony ? What if you cant make the dates through work or out of country abroad. Will certificate & gps co-ordinates be sent out ???

  14. Re-earlier comment and question from me……after logging into foh website,I found that I am a member of 1956 club.!….havent received any photo for this or heard anything about my plot at tynecastle,on the level under 1956 club!….can someone tell me what’s happening?

  15. @ – FoH Barry Thanks for the response, but it doesn’t really answer the question of “when?”.

    FoH will already have made two monthly payments (from June and July contributions) to the stadium fund, totaling approx £250,000, and you appear to be telling me that this has been done without a legally binding agreement in place.

    That does not make for good governance.

  16. 2hd request for information reguarding photo shoot at the stadium with everyone who purchased a tribute strip invited to attend, is this going to happen.

  17. I believe I may have the required number of points for a plot at tynecastle,but haven’t heard anything.can someone please advise?

  18. Louise wrote to me to say that my contributions had ceased and that my loyalty points had been banked.

    This is not the case. I have been paying by Standing Order for some time now.

    I have explained this twice but have had no response. Can someone please get back to me

    Thank you

  19. Eddie/Eric

    Thank you both for your questions.

    We are currently working with the club on the revised agreement and our intention is to publish the details as soon as they are finalised.


  20. Like Eric Clelland I will look forward to seeing the updated funding agreement and in particular overall fees ( arrangement & legal ) along with the interest rate on the loan.

  21. It’s good to see pledger numbers being sustained.

    Brian Cormack advised at the Stadium funding Q&A on 16 May that the updated funding agreement would be published when it was finalised. Can you confirm when that will happen.

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