June 2016

An update from the FoH in a month which saw pledgers strongly back plans to fund the redevelopment of Tynecastle and Club season ticket sales smash last year’s total surpassing 13,500. The #JourneyContinues………….

Stadium Funding Result

The vote on the stadium funding proposal closed on Wednesday 15th of May and the Board was delighted to receive such a strong backing from our membership. A total of 3,790 votes were cast with 3,747 (or 98.86%) voting in favour of the proposal. The proposed resolution is therefore passed and we are currently working with Bidco to formalise the changes proposed to the financial agreement. From June onwards, funds advanced from the FoH to the club will contribute toward the Tynecastle Redevelopment Project. The Board was very pleased that members showed such overwhelming support for the proposal which we firmly believe is in the best interests of the club and the FoH in the long term.


The club will now push forward with the development with work scheduled to start before the end of the year. When the works are completed we will have a stadium with first class facilities befitting a club of our history and stature. The stand will become the centrepiece of a revived Tynecastle for generations to come. FoH pledgers can stand proud in the knowledge that they were a key part of making it possible.

Financial update

Pledge numbers increased in May to marginally above 8,000, having dropped below that level at the start of the year. We saw the club mailshot have a marked impact on interactions with the FoH blog and website as well as 77 new members joining our ranks. We were also very grateful to Jambos Kickback who increased their pledge from £100 to £200 per month in May, contributing to an increase on overall monthly income to over £127,500. From June we will pay 95% of all pledger contributions to the club as part of the stadium funding arrangement. Whether it’s £10 or £100, your pledges make a huge difference, as was underlined by Club manager Robbie Neilson in a recent interview with the Evening News:

“The club will never overspend again. The money coming in from the fans through the Foundation of Hearts is vital to us. It is the lifeblood of the club. Everyone within Tynecastle has a responsibility to look after that money. It is the responsibility of everybody to make sure the money is well used. It is people’s hard-earned cash, at the end of the day.” – Robbie Neilson

Big Hearts Supporters’ Open Event

Our friends at Big Hearts held their first Supporters’ Open Event on Thursday 9th of June and director Donald Cumming attended as a representative of FoH. The Big Hearts team updated fans on the Supporters Movement and provided the opportunity to learn more about a range of volunteering opportunities available with Big Hearts and associated charitable organisations. Current opportunities range from cleaning up community spaces in Gorgie and Dalry to working in the St Columba’s Hospice shop. The evening was well attended and it is hoped that the opportunities featured will be filled by some of the 700+ Hearts fans (including all current FoH directors) who signed up to be Big Hearts Supporters earlier this year. If you have time to spare and want to help a great local cause, visit the Big Hearts website for details of how to be part of it.


Pledger Interview – Alan and Daniel Morrison

Young Hearts super fan Daniel Morrison has been fundraising again, after donating an incredible £650 to the Foundation of Hearts.

The 14-year-old pledged £900 last October after being paid for carrying out extra chores around the house, and dad Alan also matched that figure.

But the aspiring goalkeeper continued his crusade to raise money for his beloved club by handing over another £650. Alan – an FoH pledger – has again agreed to match that amount, while Daniel hopes to donate around another £150 in October.

Everyone involved at the FoH and the club is immensely grateful for Daniel’s staggering fundraising efforts, especially at a time when plans for the new main stand are taking shape.

Alan said: “Daniel has pledged another £650 from pocket money doing chores around the house and I have matched what he’s put in.

“He’s been doing things like carry wood as we’ve got wood burners in the house, and painting iron gates. He’s done a lot of chores.

“We’ve made sure he keeps some of the money for himself, though – his main love is his Xbox.

“Part of the reason that Daniel wanted to donate more money was because of the building of the main stand and he is planning to put another £150 in by October.

“It’s very exciting times at the club at the moment and I have total faith in Ann Budge and everything she is doing there. We know the fans’ money is going to be well spent.”

Alloa-based Daniel, who will take part in a cup final on Saturday for Wasps 2002, has been grateful for words of advice – and a pair of gloves – from Jack Hamilton after meeting the Hearts shot-stopper at an FoH virtual pitch plot ceremony.

Alan added: “Daniel met Jack at one of the plot ceremonies and Jack was absolutely fantastic with Daniel.

“I e-mailed Ann’s secretary to thank Jack for taking the time to speak to Daniel and I believe the e-mail was passed on to Jack.

“Jack even went away and got Daniel a pair of his gloves. I’ve got a lot of time for him.”

Foundation of Hearts chairman Brian Cormack said: “On behalf of the Foundation of Hearts, I would like to thank both Alan and Daniel for their incredible contributions. Daniel’s desire to raise money for the club is fantastic and hugely appreciated by everyone at both the Foundation and Hearts.

“We’re honoured to have both the support of Alan and Daniel. Their contributions are indicative of the backing given by the entire fan base as we continue the journey towards fan ownership.”


Plot ceremonies

We have been awaiting next season’s fixtures before finalising dates for the next batch of plot ceremonies. A number of you have now reached the 1,000 points required to qualify for an invitation. As a reminder, members will be invited in the order in which they achieve the required level of points and if you fail to respond to two invites we will assume you do not wish to attend. If you have reached the points total and have not yet received an invite, please do be patient and rest assured that we will be in touch.


Photographs from the ceremonies held in previous months are now available at these links: March and May.

If you have any questions or comments on this month’s blog please feel free to leave them below or direct them to info@foundationofhearts.org. Any questions regarding the Stadium Funding proposal should be addressed to info@foundationofhearts.org.

6 thoughts on “June 2016”

  1. Hope last nights result in Gibraltar makes Hearts aware that no game in Europe is easy So come on the Jambos make Scotland proud

  2. Thanks for all your comments on this month’s blog.

    David – nothing has been arranged as yet but pledgers will be informed promptly when there is any further news.


  3. Has anything been organized for the mass photo of the pledgers in their purchased strip which was muted a couple of months ago.

  4. As an Australian based Jambo I am proud of the efforts of fellow supporters and although I miss the opportunity to watch my beloved team, ( which I have followed since 1946 when the old man lifted me over the turnstiles). I check up every day on the EEN to find out the latest news. If it has’nt already been considered may I suggest that the !Foundation of Hearts! badge be made available for members to purchase so that they can be worn proudly. Well done the Morrison’s.

  5. I no longer visit Tynecastle due to health reasons but I do support
    foundation since its inception and youth poIicy also since it started
    plus I enjoy Hearts tv and still pay my dues to Hearts shareholders
    association. I am pleased and amazed that supporters have given so much for our club (which I first ‘joined’ in 1938) and I would like to personally thank everyone involved in this wonderful achievment.

  6. I understand how we were placed in a difficult situation with the Estoril game being scheduled for Tynecastle now 30th but just a bit disappointed season tickets holders were not allowed say, two
    days to get their own seats..Very difficult for you….
    Do appreciate the costing of the game which is certainly less than
    expected…Why only two stands ? Hopefully we could get a near
    full house…Obviously a reason for it….Thanks for all your hard
    work looking forward to the new season.Good luck

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