March 2015 Blog

From strength to strength

After an astonishing February which saw a 10-0 victory at Tynecastle, a three minute hat trick, and a record contribution month for the Foundation, we thought it would be the perfect time to launch the official Foundation of Hearts blog!

The aim of this blog will be to keep members up to date with the goings-on at the Foundation as we continue our journey towards fan ownership.

In this month’s post we share news on February’s financial results, Fan Rewards, how to find us on match days and our plans for March and beyond.

Record contributions

Following the successful launch of Fan Rewards in collaboration with the club, we were absolutely delighted to see contributions reach record levels of over £130,000 for the month of February. This was due to an increase in membership as well as an increase in average member contributions. This fantastic response from our members means we remain well on track with our contributions to HMFC.

Ann Budge has continually stressed the importance of these contributions to the continued financial stability of Hearts and we are delighted to see our members pulling together behind the cause. Thank you for your continued support.

Fan Rewards update

We launched Fan Rewards in collaboration with the club in January and we have been really pleased with the response this initiative has received from members to date.

The fans tribute kit has certainly captured people’s imagination and the deadline for reaching enough Maroon Points to get your name on the strip passed on 28 February. All members who achieved the required 180 points by that date will automatically be included on the 3rd kit next season. The list of member names will be provided to the kit manufacturer this month and the name used will be your name per our member database.

Premium Benefit and Premium Benefit Plus cards provided by the club are also now available for collection from the club shop so make sure you get down there to take advantage of some fantastic discounts on meals, hotel stays, spa treatments and much more.

Foundation website

Our shiny new website was launched mid-January to coincide with the launch of Fan Rewards and we are really pleased with the final product. The site has been in development for a number of months and since its launch has received over 24,000 visits.

We hope members are as proud of it as we are and use it to continue to stay in touch with the Foundation over the crucial weeks and months ahead. If you do have any comments or feedback on the new website, please let us know using the comments section below or the “contact us” section of the website. Most recently, we added some Foundation FAQs to the site to provide help and support for issues such as logging on, changing your password and increasing your pledge.

Reception on match days

The club has kindly given us an area in reception for use on match days and you may have seen our pop up stands (or massive “pledge now” arrow!) in and around the main stand before kick-off. Our aim is to be available for all home games going forward to give members the opportunity to ask questions and keep in touch throughout the season. We were delighted to see a number of fans popping into the reception before the Livingston and Cowdenbeath games in February to pledge to the Foundation and play their part in creating history. It is heartwarming and humbling at times to hear how much the club and its history mean to so many.

Whether you want to increase your pledge, catch up on Foundation activities or even just steal a bit of Hearts rhubarb rock, our door is always open.

Looking forward

This blog is just the start of our plan for increasing interaction and engagement between the Foundation board and members. We are in the process of establishing a series of working groups and a support network of volunteers to assist the board in driving forward specific Foundation objectives. There will be scope for members to get involved in this new structure and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Feel free to use the comments box below to leave feedback and questions on this month’s blog. If there is anything specific you would like to hear about in future posts, let us know.

With a bit of luck by the time we issue the next blog the Championship title will be in the bag….

44 thoughts on “March 2015 Blog”

  1. Well done to Hearts on tie up with Save The Children and thanks to the people who made it possible.Once again under Anne Budge Hearts have become a club to be proud of.keep up the great work on and off the pitch and get Hearts back to being a community club again

  2. What fantastic news about Save the Children being on the Hearts Strip next year. Heart is bursting with pride.

  3. Thanks all for your comments and feedback on the March blog. It is great to hear your stories about what the Foundation and the Club mean to you. We have made great strides. There is plenty more work to do but with such a passionate and loyal membership I think we can be confident about the future.

    To address a few specific questions raised:

    @Brian Beaton – No plans are in place at the moment regarding the stadium but fans and members will be consulted in the event that this changes.

    @John Barr – I believe you now have your login details but please let me know if this is not the case.

    Thanks for your support and enjoy the title celebrations tonight!


  4. Great to see the progress that the club is now making. The structure the club has adopted under the foundation offers a great template for all of Scottish football clubs to create successful fan owned clubs and will allow the Hearts to grow as a club. You don’t have to look too far in Scotland to see how big clubs can weakened to the point of catastrophe by having management and ownership systems which do not suite Scottish football. I have never felt so optimistic about the future of my club the Hearts.

  5. Mods if you could change the word ‘Aussie’ in my post to ‘a steep’ that would be great lol

  6. Sometimes, when we are in the thick of things, we never really stop to appreciate just what’s going on around us…and I kinda feel that way about the FOH. Only in the years ahead will people look back and genuinely admire what the fans have achieved here. To be able to tell my future grand kids that I, along with many others, stepped in to save out club when it really mattered, will no doubt be a humbling moment. But that’s exactly what we’ve done…and must continue to do so. We will no doubt look back on this as Aussie learning curve for everyone involved with the club, but more surprisingly, I’ve found a direct debit that I actually enjoy watching disappearing from my account every month. And I never thought if say that about anything!! Finally, a MASSIVE thank you to each and every one of you reading. Thank you for saving the club I love. I’m forever grateful to you all. MON THE HEARTS!!!

  7. Cant get to many games because of distance so great to be able to contribute through the foundation Roll on promotion Once a jambo always a jambo Keep up the great work

  8. Great to be part of the renaissance !! QoS game will be my last of season as on holiday afterwards. Let’s win it at home !!!

  9. Glad to be a part of the HMfc revival from the start. Well done to the supporters, players and staff for a remarkable season.

  10. We are all congratulating ourselves for assisting in keeping this great club alive and well and so we should, but we need to keep focused and keep this support going, success on the park needs to be replicated off the park so promoting the ‘Foundation of Hearts’ to fellow Jambos should be uppermost in our thoughts.
    Helping our club to remain a force in Scottish football through financial donations needs to be for life and not just a box tick to say ‘I helped to save my club’
    Thanks to all the foundation members, Ann, Ian and the rest for keeping our Hearts beating.
    Keep spreading the word.

  11. It’s great to see the club going from strength to strength, fantastic and proud to be part of it. FOH was a marvellous conception to keep the club alive. HHGH.

  12. As a President of Lombardia Hearts SC based in Milan, I am delighted to be part of the FoH and have my name on the next season’s jersey ! THANKS TO HAVE SAVED OUR CLUB !

  13. What a strange 12 months that has been. They all laughed! They all said their goodbyes! They all sung “your going bust”! It even gave the wee team something that they thought for once would make them the big capital club ha ha! (Never going to happen!)
    We all stuck together “THE HEARTS WAY”
    We didn’t tell everyone “we don’t do walking away” and then do exactly that.
    We showed the love and passion we have for this great football club with such proud history on and off the field and “WE DONE IT!!!”
    Other teams followers will claim to be the best supporters in the world but something as special as this ranks way beyond those claims.
    We scrimped and scraped and supported each other on this journey and with the help of Ann Budge and her team we showed other clubs how to do it properly and do it for the club. Not forpersonal financial gain.

  14. Just glad to still be alive & kicking. Enjoyed this season more than many. Looking forward to winning the league, but not too crazy about promotion. Had some great away days this season. Over too soon!

    Always Hearts

  15. I came over from Sydney for Dumbarton. Lots of fun. Back in Dubai overnight. The thing is as rosey as it has ever been. I hope we continue financial strength. Need to think of a marquee player soon! JR

  16. as a part disabled fan on benefits I cant manage as many games as id like.
    however I couldn’t sit back and watch the club I love die and ive been a pledger since day one.
    its been a pleasure this season to be a jambo. HHGH

  17. Have lived in Preston for about 15 years now so rarely manage to see the team live. However I have and always will consider HMFC my hometown club and only club. Been a contributor to FOH from the start and like most posts feel really proud of what everyone has achieved. We can only go from strength to strength. It’s also refreshing to have faith for once in the board!

  18. While there is no doubt that a match-day presence by the Foundation is a good idea, the real target for increasing pledges should be the large Jambo diaspora out there who can’t get to matches and which must extend to tens of thousands. Throughout the country and indeed the world, they tune in and log on weekly to get the result and reports. To become Hearts “supporters” in the true sense of the word I am sure many could be persuaded to sign up.

  19. Its been a wonderful year on and off the pitch and I’m so proud of being a Hearts fan and FoH member. Reading this blog highlights the loyalty of Hearts fans with the amount of their hard earned cash they’re contributing to the FoH, it also provides an honest and clear vision of our future. We must all understand this isn’t a short term fix, we must all stick together and see this through. Once we do and achieve fan ownership we will be the blueprint of Scottish football. Some wee team down the road are already trying to scrape some cash together. Keep up the good work FoH. We all really appreciate what you do.

  20. Hi, I would also like to ask as Brian Beaton has, if there is any major decisions to be made regarding the stadium in the future would we get a vote as members?
    Onwards and upwards HHGH

  21. I’m getting a small pay rise in April but I can manage without it . So Patrice is being pledged to the FOH . Let’s get this total up to £250.000 a month HHGH

  22. Great idea this blog is – Re FOH…….at the coming QOTS game we will have over 16k Hearts fans there – double the FOH membership – surely there must be many of them who are not subscribers yet. Come on folks – canvas friends and family to sign on (Only of course if they can afford to) the more the merrier.

  23. proud to be pledging and love being a hearts family member cheers this season has brought so much joy

  24. I used to be a season ticket holder, from early 1960s, but can no longer attend games and being a member with a regular contribution is the way to keep a close contact going. Please all those over 65 if you can’t get to games sign up now. We will see the good times again, maybe even more 5-1 cup finals, before I sign off to the never never land!

  25. Do you know , when I get the text saying my payment has been received every month ,the feeling it gives me knowing i’ve been a very very small part of the fantastic group of individuals is well worth my monthly contribution.

  26. I was at an early foundation meeting in Jedburgh maybe 2 years ago. I left impressed by what I had heard from the organisers, but hugely depressed at the prospect of the imminent death of the Heart of Midlothian, life without this club , unthinkable! I wondered if we had left it to late and the financial gulf was too great to bridge and gain a CVA to avoid liquidation. My father also a hearts , man used to say its never too late ,if you don’t try you won’t succeed and a miriad of other clichés. I am so glad we did try ,did not give up and never stopped believing. Enormous debt of gratitude to the early FOH organisers for having the foresight to see the possibility of this concept . I suspect the greater challenge now is to sustain and expand the membership to ensure the growth which a successful hearts would bring . HHGH.

  27. The progress that has been made at Tynecastle has been remarkable thanks to all who have been involved.

  28. Despite asking for my log in number on three occasions since January , I am still awaiting a reply. I have been contributing since September 2013, £20 per month and I am also a season ticket holder.Fellow friends who sit beside me have had theirs since January.

  29. Really great to hear about the increased membership and also record contribution levels. Things feel very good right now. Without a doubt, the take up for Season Tickets and merchandise for next season will surely be outstanding. There will inevitably be bumps in the road ahead. Be sure of that. But I’m sure the fans will stick with it, no matter not. The site is looking great with just the right amount of information. Well done and keep it going.

  30. Great to read this first ‘Blog’ from the Foundation.

    I was particularly encouraged to see that not only is our membership increasing, we are also seeing an increase in average amount of member contributions. This is vital to our long term success, and I’m delighted to see that the momentum is being maintained.

    Be under no illusions, ours truly is a Good News Story. Hearts fans are pretty special, we’ve demonstrated this time and again, and the feeling of togetherness with the club has never been stronger.

    We’re clearly getting things right, on and off the park, and I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in 5 years time given our significant achievements over the past year to 18 months.

    #Hearts Hearts Glorious Hearts

    John S

  31. Hi, I think it would be a great idea to confirm how many pledgers we now have and try to get upto and beyond 10,000. Putting this info in the match day program and the EEN would help to achieve this. Keep up the great work. HHGH!!!!

  32. I agree with the poster regarding the pledges being for life. Once we have moved to fan ownership I would like to see us going the Barcelona way of having club members which with enough members could pull in a substantial amount of money for “our club”.

  33. If we got pledges up to £250,000 pm could we challenge for SPL next season? Dangle the carrot and pledgers will bite!

  34. Absolutely fantastic news re record monthly contributions. As far as I am concerned this is a commitment for life ( personal circumstances permitting) not just until fan ownership achieved. Keep up the great work.

  35. How many members do we have now?
    I feel having a presence on match days is a great way to continue to grow the membership. We’ll done.

  36. Hi. In the event of any major decisions required by HMFC ie stadium etc then as a member of the Foundation of Hearts I would expect everyone who has joined up to have a vote, would this be the case.

  37. Keep up the good work! Its encouraging from a members point of view,upwards and onwards,hopefully.

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