November 2016

November Plot Ceremonies

November saw two more successful plot ceremonies hosted at Tynecastle and another 100 pledgers walk on to the pitch to lay claim to their own little piece of history. The feedback from those who have attended to date has been incredible. One pledger attending on the 6th November described the ceremony as “an excellent day which was very memorable for me and my guest” which captures the sentiment of what we are continuing to hear from pledgers.

At each ceremony we ask FoH members to record their favourite Tynecastle memories. One video recorded this month with Roddie Hare gave a very unique perspective of growing up watching Tynecastle from a flat on Wheatfield Street. We think it is worth a watch and it can be viewed here on our facebook page.


680 pledgers have now attended their ceremony and we have 1,185 who have reached the required Maroon Points total and are awaiting an invite. Please do be patient as we work through the backlog of invitations. We do occasionally experience challenges scheduling the ceremonies owing to the timing of home fixtures, stadium works and other events taking place at Tynecastle. However, we promise that all pledgers who have reach the required 1,000 points will be given the opportunity to attend. From the moment you walk into the Gorgie Suite on the day of your ceremony we do everything we can to show just how much your pledges and support mean to the Foundation and the Club. When the time comes for you to join us at Tynecastle for your ceremony, we hope that you will agree it was worth the wait.

AGM news

We announced this month on the website that we intend to hold our third AGM early in the new year. The principal factor driving the timing is that our constitution includes a process for the retirement of directors by rotation at specified intervals. Orderly rotation is important for the effective functioning of the board and its stewardship of the Foundation. The rules will operate for the first time in relation to our forthcoming AGM, and we are therefore allowing ourselves some time to plan the process and ensure that it operates in the best interests of the Foundation and its members. We will be in touch with you again as soon as we have finalised the date of the AGM. At the same time, we will also issue our 2016 annual accounts.

Tynecastle redevelopment update

Development of the new stand at Tynecastle commenced this month with demolition of the buildings in front of the old main stand. The hope is that the entire area in front of the main stand will be cleared by the end of the year with new works scheduled to begin in early 2017. As announced on the club website, a time lapse camera will be in position throughout the works to capture each step. More information is available in this article.


At the date of publishing this blog the Foundation have contributed a total of £875k to the Tynecastle Redevelopment Project, 29% of the £3m total we have committed. Your pledges have never been more important as we push to retain our momentum through the redevelopment and beyond.

BigHearts Foodbank Collection

BigHearts Community Trust will be holding a food bank collection before our next home match vs Motherwell on Saturday 26th November to support a small local Edinburgh food bank in Broomhouse with their Christmas stock. The collection will take place in the entrance area of the Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church on the corner of Gorgie Road and Tynecastle Terrace from 1.30pm up until kickoff. Supporters are invited to drop off small donations of food on their way to the match. We hope as many of our pledgers as possible are able to contribute.


FoH in the news

FoH made international news yet again this month, this time appearing in a Croatian newspaper. We loved the headline “We saved the club from bankruptcy and united the fans.” Unfortunately, that is as far as our Croatian goes but we have been assured by someone in the know that the article talks in glowing terms of our journey so far. The article came about as Croatian club Hajduk Split are considering producing a strip to thank their fans, much the same as last season’s FoH tribute kit. We were asked to share our story and we were more than happy to shout about it.



Please note the blog will be taking a break over the festive period and will return in the new year. We wish all supporters a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you have any questions or comments on this month’s blog please feel free to leave them below or direct them to

6 thoughts on “November 2016”

  1. This is not an easy screed to write.

    I have been in the foundation since day one and will be in it to the end and will even, if need be, increase my monthly contribution in order to achieve our goal. So I am not about to run away.

    I was at the last presentation by Queen Anne {QE} about the new stand. There was not a good turn out but I do remember there was a woman who lived across the road at the flats in Mcleod Street. Everyone knew her and paid attention to her opinion.

    QE stepped up and said there was 6 mil in the bank, 3 mil from FOH and 3 mil from benefactors contributions.

    Now, at the latest shareholders meeting we are 3 mil short. QE says it will be funded by debentures. So where are the benefactors? Maybe I picked up something wrong at the meeting but I do not think so.

    I am not doing debentures.

  2. Thanks for the update, particularly on the new stand funding.
    I note you haven’t made any comment about the publication of the club’s accounts last week. I would like to ask about the change to the status of funding provided by FOH.
    The club has reported that the funds provided previously are no longer classified as loans, but as equity investments. That begs a few questions.
    1) What is the reason for the change?
    2) Does it mean that FOH’s securities are now worthless as there is to debt attached to them?
    3) Why was this change not mentioned before the vote to change the agreement. I would consider it a pretty significant change to lose any rights over the £4.05M which was handed over to the club prior to the implementation of the new agreement.
    4) When will the new agreement be published to members. We are now six months down the road since the FOH vote.?

  3. Not a complaint but a comment. Several months ago I was being kept up to date with the points I had accumulated but this info. has ceased. As an overseas member and having contributed since day one I am obviously interested in all aspects of my club so could you please advise if some alterations have been made to the reporting system. Regards Tom.

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