October 2016

We stay. We build.

October brought the momentous news that every Heart’s fan has been waiting for – planning permission for the Tynecastle Redevelopment has been granted! Social media was awash with supporters revelling in what is another important moment in the club’s history. Works will now commence in November with the new stand expected to be operational by the end of 2017. It will be a sad day when the old main stand goes, but the new stand and the facilities in and around it will reaffirm Tynecastle’s status as one of Scotland’s best sporting venues – and ensure Hearts supporters have a home to be proud of for generations to come.

What the Hearts fans have achieved in such a short period of time really is a remarkable story and one that just keeps getting better. From Save Our Hearts keeping us at Tynecastle when it looked unlikely, to fans uniting to save the club from liquidation and now supporting the redevelopment of Tynecastle, we’ve shown that it is possible for a diverse fan base to unite behind a common goal and achieve something very special.

We are very proud of the pivotal role that Foundation members have played, and will continue to play, in the resurgence of Heart of Midlothian. At the date of publishing this blog, FoH members have contributed £750k to the Tynecastle Redevelopment Project, 25% of the promised total and an important milestone.


We simply cannot rest on our laurels, however. We have achieved so much but we still have a long way to go on our journey. We need your support more than ever in the run up to Christmas and beyond. Speak to that friend that has been thinking about signing up for a while and help us spread the FoH message. It’s hugely important that we continue our momentum into the future. A stronger Foundation means a stronger club.


We launched our new #fromthesefoundations marketing message on social media and in an advert in the matchday programme this month. This aims to combine a sense of what we have achieved to date while also evoking a sense of the potential of what we might go on to achieve together in the future. Below are some snippets from our Twitter page. There is plenty more to come so watch this space.


October Plot Ceremonies

October saw a further two successful plot ceremonies hosted at Tynecastle and another 100 pledgers claim their own little part of the hallowed turf at Tynecastle. We have now sent almost 1,200 invitations and a total of 575 pledgers have attended across 11 plot ceremonies.

The feedback on these events has been fantastic, with a pledger attending on 29 October remarking that the day really ‘touched on the heart strings’ and that his father attending as his guest had decided to sign up to the FoH after attending the ceremony! We’ve even had pledgers phone the reception at Tynecastle to comment on what a special occasion their ceremony was. This kind of feedback makes all the efforts that go into coordinating and running the ceremonies worthwhile.

At the moment we have 1,527 members who have reached the required total and are awaiting an invite. We are working through these as quickly as we can so please bear with us. The next ceremony is on the 6 November and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Tynecastle over the coming weeks and months.

FoH in the news

Finally, in case our members missed the article, our Chairman Brian Cormack was interviewed by Barry Anderson in the Edinburgh Evening News this month. The article, split into two parts, can be accessed here and here. Some of our favourite quotes are below.

“The club serves the community, more of the community become Hearts fans, it’s circular. Money comes into the club but there’s no profit made by the club as such. It’s all reinvested in the club, which then assists the community.”

“People have heard about fan ownership and it’s important to stress Hearts will be fan-owned, not fan-run… People want a club that’s well-managed. Because the shares will be owned by the Foundation, or the fans, it’s vital that Hearts will never be mismanaged by any one person again.”

“We’re working with the club to make sure that the governance of Hearts and Foundation of Hearts are correct. That’s not just for the next few years, but for the next 50 years.”

“We want the Foundation to be able to fund the club forever; to add £1.5million or maybe £2m to the budget at a really well-run club.”

If you have any questions or comments on this month’s blog please feel free to leave them below or direct them to info@foundationofhearts.org.



5 thoughts on “October 2016”

  1. Its April since I last posted and I certainly got the new stand financing right and I am ok with that.

    So here is a thought. When the new stand is built next year, we need a ‘glamour tie’ for its inauguration. So why not pick an international weekend when league clubs are doing nothing much and invite spurs along to open the DM Mcleod Street stand. DM as in Dave Mackay BTW.

    We could also take the opportunity to rename all the other stands and maybe even accept sponsorship so long as the original stand or ground name is not lost. So, for instance, we could have BT Tynecastle Park. Or even the Standard Life AB Wheatfield stand.


  2. Glad you enjoyed Mr Mac, I will pass on your message.

    Alastair, I think that is a great idea and initiatives of this nature are currently being considered.


  3. Hi Barry. Had a great day at the plot ceremony yesterday. Well worth the wait. Pass on my thanks to the foundation, the club, the players and backroom staff who together made it an afternoon to remember. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Any consideration being given to allowing supporters to buy any of the old seats as souvenirs when the old stand is demolished?

  5. I have been patiently waiting on my plot invite and now that it is here I cannot wait to attend the plot ceremony on Sunday, hopefully off the back of a victory on Saturday. Love this months blog and I truly believe we are building something special. HHGH, and to all people out there who love Hearts as I do … Lets go the distance #fromthesefoundations

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