September 2015


Welcome to the September edition of the FoH blog with news on what has been another extremely busy and productive month.

Foundation of Hearts tribute kit

Last week the Foundation, in association with the Club, was delighted to announce the launch of the new Hearts third kit featuring the names of some 8,000 pledgers. Those that reached the required FoH fan reward threshold in February now have their name displayed on the unique top.

jamiewalkerheartsstrip_6 Jamie Walker with the Foundation of Hearts tribute Kit

A delighted FoH chairman Brian Cormack made the following statement on launch day: “This is an immensely proud and emotional moment for everyone associated with the Foundation of Hearts, and we are absolutely delighted to see this project come to fruition. The shirt does not just feature a list of fans’ names; it pays fitting tribute to the 8000 and more supporters who have together saved this great club. Their extraordinary achievement – and the legacy that they are passing on – is to have kept the Hearts beating, and the jersey is a very appropriate way to mark their accomplishment.

“We would like to make special mention of Dougie Masterton, a former director of the Foundation, whose idea this was. Above all, we’d like to thank the club for turning this idea into reality and for making this the official third strip for the team. Players and fans can now wear this very special jersey with real pride.”

The kit and the story behind it has already captured the imagination of thousands of football fans across the world after being featured in a story in The Sport Bible which received over 70,000 likes and 1,900 comments on Facebook in the space of a week.

The shirts will be in-store from 15 November 2015 and can be ordered online at or in person at the Hearts Club Store on McLeod Street. You can also now view the shirt in all its glory at the Club Store if you want to join the hundreds of pledgers who have already found their name. Please share your thoughts and pictures and don’t forget to use the twitter #FoundMyName.

Plot ceremony

The Foundation hosted the second commemorative pitch plot ceremony at Tynecastle on Sunday 23rd of August. A further 40 committed supporters were awarded their own unique virtual plot of the Tynecastle pitch, including a certificate of ownership, after being among the first pledgers to reach the 1,000 points milestone as part of the Foundation’s Fan Rewards scheme. Attendees had the special privilege of seeing the premier of the Foundation’s new “Keeping the Hearts Beating” video as well as getting the opportunity to meet with players and club officials.

The feedback received has been extremely positive so far and we will be hosting further ceremonies in the coming months. If you have reached the 1,000 point level you can expect to hear from us soon but please do be patient. Members will be invited in the order in which they hit the required points and in the event that the proposed date is not suitable you will be invited to the next ceremony. Please note that if you fail to respond to two invites we will assume you do not wish to attend. We very much look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to Tynecastle in the coming months to say thank you for your unstinting support.

Keeping the Hearts Beating

We are delighted to have launched our new video, “Keeping the Hearts Beating”, at the most recent plotholders’ award ceremony. The video was created and produced by a small team, all of whom donated their time and expertise to put this together. FoH would like to thank Nick Alexander, John Ferguson, Prentice Robertson and Darren Johnstone for their efforts in creating the video as well as all those who agreed to be interviewed. We hope you enjoy it and that it might inspire people to support the Foundation and continue to create history on behalf of our Club. The video has been viewed over 7,500 times in the space of two weeks and we hope members and fans alike will continue to watch, comment and share. It can be viewed here:

FoH director election

Members will likely be aware of the current vacancy on the Foundation Board in light of Ian Murray’s decision to step down over the summer. The Foundation will be holding an election for the position at our next AGM (date to be confirmed). Any member aged 16 or over, with the support of 25 other current FoH members, will be entitled to stand for the position and the Board has opted on this occasion not to require that the role be filled by an individual with any specific skillset or level of experience. We would encourage any member who believes he or she has the capabilities to be an effective and engaged board member, to consider standing for election. Among other things, the election process presents an opportunity to address gender diversity on the Board and we would therefore particularly encourage our female members to consider standing for the position.

It is our expectation at this stage that the process will operate as follows:

Step 1: FoH issue nomination forms and instructions to all members
Step 2: Submission of nomination forms by those wishing to stand and verification of nominations by FoH
Step 3: Announcement of candidates, followed by period of campaigning
Step 4: Ballot papers distributed to members
Step 5: Voting to take place over a period of 14 days, each member having one vote
Step 6: Counting of votes and announcement of the result at the FoH AGM

Further details, including specific dates, will be made available in due course,

As ever, all feedback and comments on this month’s blog are welcomed.
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5 thoughts on “September 2015”

  1. Thanks all for your questions.

    Brian – yes we also have a Facebook group you can follow. Just search for Foundation of Hearts.

    Alistair/Dave – if you reached the required points limit of 180 by 28th of February your name will be on the strip. You can now view the top in the Hearts club store on McLeod street. If you have no way of getting to the store please contact and we can confirm for you.

  2. Like comment from Alistair I to would like to know if my name is on shirt as I intend to purchase one

  3. For those of us who can’t immediately get in to view the top, is there a place where we can find if our name is on it ? I’ve seen a few photo’s but nothing conclusive.

  4. you seem to have twitter place for “business” but I do not use such is there a similar Facebook page for updates comments etc?

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